Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Connie Talbot HK © connietalbot.com :)

After preparing and refreshing her mind again with songs like Imagine, Somewhere over the rainbow, Let it be and Connie’s own song called Beautiful World, Connie flew to Hong Kong with her parents. The last time Connie visited her fans in Hong Kong was in 2009 and part of the program back then was the Miss Hong Kong Pageant Final. After landing safely with her parents at the Hong Kong airport they rested a bit from their jet lag and Connie explored the swimming pool in the hotel.
HKThe upcoming days Connie will be busy singing on several private events which will be recorded and published at a later time. Connie will be returning to her home in the UK at the 5th of June while having only a few days of rest before leaving to Los Angeles California on the 16th of June.

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