Friday, July 13, 2012

Amazing Connie's Story!

Connie To The Rescue 
(posted by Rod)

I thought I'd share a little story about Connie with you.

Recently, Connie was in Los Angeles to record with 
songwriter/producer Toby Gad.  After a week of long 
days and hard work in the studio, I thought Connie
 deserved a little treat.  So, on the last day she was 
here, I packed up the car with Connie and Sharon and
 our friends Jordan and Lee-anne Jansen, and we 
headed to Disneyland.  Everyone had a great time,
 but there was one little incident that sticks in my
 mind.  As we were walking through the park, Connie
 spotted a little boy, maybe 4 or 5 years old, standing
 in the middle of the crowd of people walking every which 
direction.  He was just standing there, crying, and
 no one seemed to pay much attention... well,
 except Connie.  She quickly crossed over to the
 little guy, squatted down next to him and asked 
him what was wrong.  He told her he was lost. 
 Connie took his hand and brought him over to
 where the rest of us were standing, then she 
ran over to a park employee with a walkie-talkie
 and told him about the lost boy.  Within a couple
 of minutes, frightened boy and worried family were
 reunited.  It is just a simple story, but it showed 
what a kind, caring and compassionate young
 person Connie Talbot is.

Having gotten to know Connie's parents, Gavin and
 Sharon, and having already witnessed several random
 acts of kindness involving strangers, I know where Connie 
gets those wonderful qualities from.

It is a special treat to be working with Connie.  She has 
my admiration and respect.


from this story, we must know Connie very very kind so much!  she is an Angel O:)

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