Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Great News: MattyB invited Connie Talbot to perform with him on his Gramercy Concert

A Great News For ConnieFriends and BGirls/BBoys: 

Today (May 25th(Indonesia) May 24th(UK)) Connie tweeting "Got a little surprise coming up for #ConnieFriends it was also a surprise for me !!! #connieshock ❤" and "Goodnight everyone! Yt surprise will be uploaded in a couple of hrs ❤Connie x"
on 2 hours later... we got an amazing news:

@ConnieTalbot607: thank you for the invite @MattyBRaps really looking forward to seeing you in New York City.

@MattyBRaps: Just invited @ConnieTalbot607 to perform with me in New York City at my Gramercy concert and she said yes! :)

What do you think? It's that surprise :) Can't wait for it! It was one of my dream :)


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