Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lyrics of Original Soundtrack of 'Rain' #PS3 - Connie Talbot

A Tale Only the Rain Knows

Been wandering around
lost in this night
like a stranger I walk alone
through a cold and empty world

Where the rain
whispers to my heart
and the moonlight
shows me the way

Scared to fade away
Seeking to find a light
that once was mine  

Where raindrops talk
where moonlight knows
they guide me to your place

I'll always be by your side
You bring dawn to this night
Take my hand now,
we'll find a path
When the rain stops, we know
there'll be a rainbow


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  1. Thanks for lyrics i love this song

  2. Thanks young lady, this song make me cry, associate to this story, just perfect. Good continuation !


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