Monday, December 16, 2013

Connie Talbot INROCK Interview

Source: INROCK interview translated by @kiichan620 (Masumi Kitazawa♡) 

Connie will start to make her new album The songs will be all original. But it's not soon to begin it.

Connie will make songs with songwriters who have worked before with Adel, Emeli Sande, Miley Cyrus and more♡

Connie is making a plan to have her tour for HongKong Philippines China and Japan NEXT SUMMER

Connie will have a new manager who is a man from Italy.

Connie's dream is to be a "Pop Singer" like Demi♡ But now what the most important for her is the education.

Connie and her family feel stress for just only long and exhausting flight in connie's singer life. lol

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