Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lovely Connie Talbot :) - and about special month!

this is lovely beauty cute nice amazing wonderful picture, right???? :P
I LOVE IT, really :)

So, do you like this? I'm really happy Connie gave me RT for this pict :)

I love this month (August 2012)
10 August - Connie gave me RT
18 August - Connie sent an e-mail to me (and also other) about Beautiful World Contest
19 August - Jordan gave me RT
26 August - Talk with Connie on facebook
28 August -  Connie gave me comment (and maybe like) on my video at youtube
30 August - Connie gave me RT
Hollie still give me 1+ RT about my mention to her and also talk with her :) 
I will have a Rainy Rainbow Bear
I have really nice day
Ramadhan-Syawal <3 :D
Have new friends


Awww....  really really happy!

this is my creation about Connie - Response for Connie's video "Connie In Reverse"

Hope you enjoy it!!!!

This is for Erik's page :)

My plans ;) 

<3 Retno xxxx

note: this is my 100th post on this year (2012) lol


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