Friday, August 17, 2012

My Idol

Hi everyone! Today I will tell you about my idol other Connie :) Yep.
But, I'll tell you in Indonesian. Sorry, it because I'm not good in English.
So, enjoy it! LOL

Hollie Steel

She is beautiful, right? Yap... Hollie emang benar - benar cantik :D Saya suka suaranya. Waktu pertama dengar... WOW.... AWESOME VOICE~
Hollie masih berumur 14 tahun. Dia sangat baik hati terhadap teman teman dan fansnya. Saya senang juga, saya sering chat bersama Hollie :D GREAT!!
Hollie juga finalis BGT, waktu dia masih 10 tahun. WOWOWAAWW... :) xx
Saya suka waktu dia ngecoverin lagu "Safe and Sound" that's my favorite about the nice Hollie ;)

Anna Graceman

"Pick up my telephone,
Then I hear the dial tone,
Punch in your numbers,
And then it starts to ring,
"Hello"? says a voice on the other line,
I took a deeo breath..... 

Yay! Lantunan lagu itu termasuk my favorite song by Anna :D Aww... so wonderful :D
Yap... memang, saya tau tentang Anna udah lama, tapi baru baru ini denger suaranya, ternyata WOWWWW juga... Aih~ Anna yang masih berumur 12 tahun ini, memang WOWOWAAWW :D

Matty B

"Be with the homies just chillin after school

if your home feelin' you can come chill too
If your homes like the only place you wanna be now
You can tell me to come over and you know I'll be in down like"

Aih~ kecil kecil udah pinter nge-Raps :D waw... Matty yang umurnya masih 9 tahun ini juga imut yaa :) Hehehe...

Jordan Jansen

Saya ngefans Jordan dimulai dari dia duet "Domino" bareng Connie :D Awesome~

Cat (just for fun)

What? CAT? WHY??
Haahahaaa... I don't know why... But... Cat is cute :3 My favourite animal ;)


Yaayyy :D yang pasti, saya NGEFANS BERAT sama Connie :D

Hahahaa... That's all about my idol :D yang penting, I wiil always support them :D

thankksss :P

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